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Monday, September 2, 2013

Money Affirmations

Aloha, Kakou,

Happy Labor Day!  

What is money?  It represents the value that we bring to the market place, the more value we provide, the more money we make. 

I wanted to leave you with positive affirmations of money on this fabulous Labor Day Weekend.

Money is good.
I love money.
I release all resistance to money.
Money flows into my life easily.
Everyday my bank balance is more than that of the previous day.
I enjoy being wealthy.
I am a money magnet and attract money continuously.
Money ideas come to me easily.
I am getting more and more prosperous day by day.
Being wealthy is my inherent right and I claim it now.
I release the need to live in poverty.
I let go of all internal struggle to earn more money.
I recognise excuses for not being prosperous and replace them with determination.
I let go of all resistance to prosperity on the soul level.

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