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Monday, January 20, 2014

Hawaii District 50 Lions Leadership Institute 2014

Aloha, Kakou,

The moment of truth!

Here is my reason for my adventure to Oahu.  I'm here for a Lions Leadership Conference that happens annually on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend.  This year marks the 10th Annual Leadership Institute. 

Here are the following topics that were taught this weekend.

It Starts With Me
Goal Setting & Managing Change
Communication Skills
Conducting Effective Meetings
Diversity & Team Building
Stepping Forward to Make a Difference
Leadership and Mentoring
Lions - Who are We / Social Media
Sharing Best Practices

What an awesome weekend it has been! Being given tools to help us better serve our communities in Hawaii.

If you are interested in what the Lions is all about and want to serve our communities in Hawaii and the world.  

Please leave a comment.

Mahalo, Bruddah Sean

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