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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lions D50 Convention 2014 - Day 2 & Day 3

Aloha, Kakou (Everyone),

What a blast to be able to attend my first Lions convention. Here's a link to a video of a summary of the activities held on the evening of Day 2 & the entire day of Day 3...

A picture is a thousand words... Video is like you were there.

It's an honor to share a glimpse of what we experienced this Memorial Day weekend.

Day 2 - Fun Night Activity, everyone was assigned a table to sit at, encouraging Lions to get to network with other clubs.

Day 2 - All tables dressed up as a team and were judged on how they looked.
Day 3 - Service Project - Planting native trees & plants.
Day 3 - Wayne Madden - Lions Immediate Past International President & D50 Lions get ready to do some planting.
Day 3 - Lion Bob, Lion D50 Governor, Lion Maurice, & Lion Jack getting ready to plant.
Day 3 - Lion Allan from Moanalua Lions, planting in the rain.
Day 3 - Shirley Ito & Ken Nishibun at the D50 officer nominations parade 2014.
Day 3- Necrology Ceremony, honoring our Lions who have recently passed away.
Day 3 - Officers Nominations for D50 2014-15
Day 3 - Lion Blaine from Akaka Falls Lions, supporting Lion Nadine - D50 2nd DG Elect.
Day 3 - Lion Jim's Acceptance speech as the D50 Governor 2014-15 Elect.

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Much Aloha,

Lion Bruddah Sean

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